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Submitted on
December 25, 2013


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Got a Killjoy OC?

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 4:21 PM

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(People still have those, right? :paranoid:)

Merry Christmas! :dummy: And for Christmas, I want to write about...your Killjoy OC. :iconwoooplz:

Yes, I’m serious. If you give me some information about your OC, and I think she looks interesting, I’ll write a one-shot fic about her for free. Why? :plotting:

1. I want to be a novelist, so I need the experience.
2. I need a break from the usual stuff I’m working on.
3. As an anxious person, I need to stay occupied.
4. I love writing fics (one reason I’m writing Killjoy fics instead of original fiction) because it’s way easier to be creative when you take existing ideas and build on them, instead of starting from scratch.
5. As a thank you for sticking with the group and not letting the fandom die out.

I actually did something similar this summer. For about twenty days, I took a different photo from the Killjoy Inspiration folder each day and wrote a paragraph about the OC I came up with. Pretty good practice, I think.

First of all, here’s what I won’t write about:

1. Romance. I don’t like romance, and I probably wouldn’t be good at writing it anyway.

2. Killing or torturing Dracs/raiding the city or Drac outposts/etc. I love Dracs and even roleplay as one, so it’s not gonna happen.

3. The Fabulous Four’s deaths. Just no. :stare: As far as I’m concerned, that never happened.

4. Disrespect toward canon characters. OCs abusing them for no reason: insulting them, screaming at them, hitting them, deliberately annoying them, etc.

5. Canon characters in the comics. I haven’t read the comics and don’t plan to, so I can’t portray them accurately.

However, there’s a few things that will make me more likely to write about your OC. If she’s your typical bland badass, I’m not going to be able to pull much inspiration from that. But if your character stands out from the rest-- not because she’s “the best Killjoy in the Zones,” but because she’s genuinely unique-- then I’ll definitely have something to write about. :plotting: So try to show me what makes your character interesting. A good balance of strengths and flaws is important, too.

Also, the more detail, the better. Characters sheets and faceclaims are great. If you don’t have those, try to describe your character as much as possible. The more detail you give me, the more material I have to write about. You can also link to fics, drawings, Tumblrs, roleplays, etc.

And slipping me an extra 4,000 points wouldn’t hurt. :paranoid::points: (Just kidding, haha.)

However, please don’t think that if you comment, you’re guaranteed a fic. I also can’t tell you when it’ll be completed (or how long it’ll be, for that matter-- whenever I think a fic will be short, I always end up writing more and more. :stare:) But I will try to do as many as possible. So it doesn’t hurt to try commenting :plotting:

As a final note, I can’t promise a 100% accurate portrayal, since I don’t know your OC nearly as well as you do. I won’t deliberately change anything, and I’ll try my best to keep her in-character, but I probably won’t write her exactly as you imagined in your head. So please don’t expect that.

So if you have a Killjoy, BL/ind, or neutral OC, please leave a comment (or note me, toad1) with the following info:

OC name:
Affiliation: (Killjoy, BL/ind, or neutral.)
Character info: (Character sheets, drawings, descriptions, etc.)
Plot idea(s): (Give me at least one idea for a plot. I don’t expect any particular length. Even one sentence is fine. You can give me as many ideas as you want, but please know that I’ll only write about one, unless I end up combining a few.)

You can submit as many OCs as you want, but I’ll only write about one. Also, I don’t mind including members of the Fab Four (actually, I love writing for Poison and Kobra), but please don’t ask me to include all of them. (And my Jet is pretty weak, just a warning. I have almost no experience writing for him.)

If you’re interested, please comment as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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usaggii Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I finally got around to creating a "Killjoy" OC named Hex Queen. Personally, I think she is more interesting than my last BL/Ind OC, but I'm just putting her out there for you, just in case. 

OC name: Hex Queen; Lolita Morales 

Affiliation: Inbetweener (I feel this was the creation of someone else, but the word fascinated me); Neutral. 

Character info: She has no face claim as of yet (no one famous is particularly suitable), but I have a good picture of her in my mind. Lolita is a callous and manipulative businesswoman in the zones, owning her own saloon out in the Arizona desert and selling supplies when they can be afforded. Beautiful but nowhere near being a good fighter (lousy aim and can't throw a punch to save her life) she avoids physical combat as much as she can, and she relies on her feminine wiles and manipulation to get what she wants. Often nicknamed the "Homewrecker" because of her flirtatious ways with various men. Needless to say, she doesn't have many friends, if any at all.  

It's rumored that she deals Better Living Drugs out of her saloon to make as she says "an extra buck off of people with dumb problems", supplied by a close doctor "friend" she has in Battery City. However, none of this can be confirmed or proved by radical Killjoy types. That's why she can go in and out of the city so easily because BL/Ind sees her as more valuable out in the desert getting Killjoys hooked on the company drugs. 

(Here is a character sheet with more physical description:… )

Plot idea(s): A drug exchange between her and some Killjoys. Confrontation with Party Poison on her nasty behavior (First try to flirt her way out of it, but in the end she would be like a child being scolded and not really take it to heart.). She gets ganged up upon by a gang of Killjoys who don't particular like her for whatever reason. Getting her drug supply from her doctor friend Alex Laurel, who's going through midlife crisis and has a thing for her while his wife is away at work and daughter at boarding school. 
inl0veanddeath Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Argh I think I'm too late for this? 
toad1 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Student Writer
Nope, I'm still writing them :B
VoldemortsBabyGurl Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Hello! Oh my gosh I'm so excited I saw this post. I have a killjoy names Shadow Sun. Here's a little profile I made a while back in case you want to look. voldemortsbabygurl.deviantart.…
I don't really have a story idea for you but you are more than welcome to write up something. I would love to see what you come up with. :)
spencerbeavcoon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Y'know what, I'm gonna do it.

Name: Ginny Long-legs

Affiliation: Killljoy (In training)

Age: 22

Occupation: Getaway Driver

Hair: Short, spiky, dyed neon orange.

Eyes: An odd, darkish shade of grey that people can't figure out if it's kind of blue or not.

Clothing: White racing suit with green and orange 'tron-style' accents, black boots, orange goggles, black tank-top and black rainbow skull leggings underneath.

Parent's Names: Spotlight Sweetheart (Mother, a shorter woman with light brown hair and eyes and a tendency towards purple, teal and black clothing) Iron Adder (Father, middle-height guy with scraggly darker brown hair and grey eyes, wore an army green bullet proof vest, rest of his outfit is black and red. )

Character Info: Ginny is a self-taught driver. She's spent so much time running from Dracs and rogues in cars she's stolen that she's forgotten what it feels like to take a relaxing cruise down the street. On the first chance she gets to do so, at age 18, she spots a flier stating: 'HELP WANTED. Need GOOD driver, willing to pay, please call number below' signed with the universal symbol for none other than, you guessed it, Party Poison, posted on a cork board outside of an antique shop in a town she goes through.

Why the guy needs a fast driver is beyond her, as is the reason that no-one has taken the flier, considering who's asking for assistance, but it's an opportunity to get a bit of extra money and maybe a story to tell the rest of the kids and the half-way home, so she decides 'Oh, why the hell not.' She barely has time to snatch the paper from the bulletin board before the shopkeep recognizes her as the car thief their zone has been talking about and she has to make her escape down an alley. After their chase wears down, she finds a payphone and sits there in debate on whether to call the number or not.

She does, and the ensuing near-death experience/auto-shop robbery (a tale for another day ;)) inspires her to return to her old settlement a little early and take a breather from life as a drifter (so ie. the outside world scared the crap out of her.) When she returns home, she asks a few of the local Killjoys she remembers to point her in the direction of Dr. Death's hideout, since she can't remember what it looks like, so she can ask her allotted annual two questions about her mother, who used to work with him during the summer when she was alive and Ginny was little.

Story Idea: Ginny asks Dr. Death about the night she was born, stating 'I hear there's a rumor about my birthday. Big-ass raid went down. My dad almost died during it from being hit by shrapnel. Heard Jet Star was there to retrieve some car parts or something, all I know is that he evidently walked my dad from the hospital tent to the studio where mom was and then left right away.' (Perhaps you could tell the story of the raid and how her, at the time, teenage parents were coping with the situations both of the birth of their child and the settlement being under attack. No dialogue from Jet Star is needed. He is either just seen for a brief moment or or just mentioned.)

I don't know..maybe I should just scrap this whole thing..I have the whole story in my head..but I can't get it out into words...I'm bad with description.
toad1 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student Writer
Awesome, thanks for the info :la: But can you give me more info about her personality? What you gave me is more of a plot. Also, if you could give me a different plot, that would be great, because the one you've given me is about her parents and not her.
spencerbeavcoon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Personality wise, Ginny is very skittish. She doesn't like being around other people much, except for the other people at the half-way house she currently lives at, since she's scared that someone will recognize her and have her arrested for stealing cars (which is why she cuts and dyes her hair). She's not very well adjusted to Killjoy life, in the reasoning of she never had any proper teachers when she got old enough since her parents were killed. She basically got a ride with Show Pony out of the settlement to the closest neutral town and a brief two-minute conversation with Dr. Death about their agreement on questions about her mother's past before she was left on the side of the rode, three miles out of the town with her bags and a transmitter.

Perhaps you could write about her first week in her new home, how she adjusts to life as a Killjoy as well as a newly orphaned 14-year-old girl.

(Town name is completely up to you. Plot is basically artistic freedom, with the guideline of her first week is basically hell. No canon characters unless you have like a flashback to when she was booted out of her settlement.)
toad1 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student Writer
Ooh, that sounds like it has a lot of potential :plotting: She sounds like an intriguing character, too. I love writing about younger characters. Thanks so much!
spencerbeavcoon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks ^ ^ and you're very welcome! I'm honored to have intrigued you! :TipOfTheHat: 
Dickstroya Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
(Aaahhhh ;; Sorry if this is not open anymore, but I like to think it is!)

OC name: Poisonous Vampire

Affiliation: Killjoy. 

Character info: 
Image: (ignore the text, I will explain better)
PV is a 20 year olded dude, he's about 1,63 m and his weight is perfectly fine.
A sumary of the story?: "He was born in a little village with his 2 brothers, which one died after an horrible sickness. After his brother's death, his family decided to move. The situation went worst and his dad, who was responsible of the abuse of the whole family (both psychologically and physically), decided to leave them. ((Such a cruel person, I know!)) After the separation, PV suffered from panic and anxiety attacks.
When he found the killjoy's affiliation, he liked everything they thought, they were his idols, so he decided to become one. His mom wasn't sure it could work well on his son and she didn't want to lose another kid. She didn't accept it, so PV had to leave from home, he left a note saying everything he was going to do and kissed them while everyone was sleeping.
After a long time scaping alone through the desert, in the middle of a battle, he was saved by a little group of killjoys, which he joined and became friends.(?"
PV likes to repair and create new things that can help 'em, also help people (or try to), meet new people and make friends, killjoy's ideology, run (or exercise) and listen music, he also smokes ( aahhh, bad healthy PV >::c ).
Hates to get orders, to discuss when he isn't right, recognise that he can be selfish, mean and rude, and a lot of things more!
Personality: He's kinda stubborn and mean. Even that, he's usually happy and making [weird] jokes, he's sometimes clumsy and a little bit curious. He dislikes to cry or get mad (mostly infront of other people). After all, he is intelligent and has a lots of ideas, he likes to help and try to be nice.

Plot idea(s): 
I don't have a lot of inspiration now, but what about if he had a little... um... break and decided to visit his family? 
Like he gets hurted and his friends tell him to hide in a safe place where no one will found him, so he decides to go home and visit family! Two birds from a shot! 
I was thinking that the mom could be called Nahikari and his brother Ábrigoh... or maybe I leave you the names hahah
And maybe it will be the story of how he returns home with his family til he's fine and can help his friends...
I don't know xd
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