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Hello there, Motorbabies. Radioactive Renegade stopping in again.

Let's discuss Killjoy fashion for a minute.

We all want to be able to dress as our Killjoy selves, now don't we? (Most of us do , anyway.)

Why don't we all give each other some tips on where we bought parts of our outfits or how we made them? I think it would be a good idea and would help those of us who haven't really gotten a complete outfit yet. =]

I'll start:

It's 2019 and you're in a scorched desert with sand blowing in your face and the sun melting your eyeballs. (and face it, Party Poison has goggles...and we look to the Fabulous Killjoys for ideas, don't we? and they just look cool) FTMS is one of my favourite stores. I realize the goggles are a bit pricey for some...but I'd think they'd make a good investment since they protect your eyes!…
:iconone-day-i-will-die: pointed out you can get them for $10 on Amazon as well~… I also found this site. As for how reliable they are, I don't know but I just thought I'd list it.
:iconkilljoypsychoblue:: "For goggles, you can also make them yourselves using around the house stuff. Here's one video link since for some reason other links wouldn't work;…"
Also from :iconone-day-i-will-die:: "Uhm, bandanas are good, they protect your face and add to the manic cowboy look" Very true.
I've found you can find anything under the sun on Amazon (I always forget to look there since I'm a goof lol) But I'm sure you can find a bandanna to fit your Killjoy's character at a local store such as Wal-Mart or, if you have one, Spencer's.
:iconrosa-killjoy: bought her bandanna at Tilly's
:iconcassandramalfoy: "Fellow killjoys if anyone's good at using a sewing machine or hand stitch sewing than you can take two different colored bandans, sew them together, glue some snap on buttons or velcro strips to make a reversable bandanda like I am currently doing."
:iconxx-amberskies:: "As for bandannas, one can also find them at local dollar stores/bargain stores."

-Combat boots-
I'm sure you all could find your own versions, but as we've said, Amazon is a great and usually affordable source.

:iconlaureladams: Pointed out this website If you're not into leather, however you may want to beware. You still might want to check it out anyway!

-Complete Outfit Ideas/Misc-
Try searching "post-apocalyptic clothing" on Etsy or similar websites. You may be surprised what you may find!

:bulletblue:And :iconhermioneabbeyjewel:'s:"Mine is purple and black themed. I have a purple wig, with a mini skirt that is purple and black. I also have a black fishnet shirt and I wear fishnet stockings. it's black, purple, and fishnet"
:bulletblue::icondeadfishli:: 'I got my parent's old motorbike-clothes and my dad's red-and-black leather jacket would be perfect Killjoy-Wear if it wasn't way too big for me...
maybe you guys find something like that somewhere in the attic..."
:iconartgirl777:: "You can find anything at Hot Topic. I got my bandanna, miniskirt/tutu/thing, and stockings there."
:bulletblue::iconnightshadetears94:: "Personally, I think that your KillJoy should look like you would look if the nuclear apocalypse surprised you any given day, with freedom regarding the color scheme and your weapon."
:bulletblue::iconxxx-emz-xxx:: "My wardobe has loads of hidden treasures I have a red river island lond tee which I wear with my super skinny jeans which I really want to rip I might just "accidently fall off my bike and scrape my knees" :).then I also have a old dusty leather jacket with layers like the original killjoys jackets to finish I have some primark combat boots, and a variety of scarfs which I can take my pick from I usually o for the black pink green and blue bandana like one.Most of my clothes are from primark it's great they have some super cheap clothes fair enough there no best of quality but it all adds to the look.ooh I almost forgot I wear these wooly fingerless gloves too it's important to keep your hands warm"
:bulletblue::iconmcromantical: "i think that new look is quite a good british store for getting a variety of different looks and at the moment they have a tonne of different shirts and stuff that are quite cheap ... they look quite american but can be sort of torn of have dirt thrown on to add to the "Killjoy" look." "i have a purple scarf that has little black skulls on it. normally intended for bikers to wear under their helmets... no an essential in my klljoy costume... you can get these little gems absolutley any where now"
:bulletblue::iconchemicalkitkat:: "You can also find a denim or leather jacket easily at any clothing store...I think :I But still. They're easy to find, and you can do your own fancy decorations for much cheaper than actually getting a custom jacket. And paints."
:bulletblue::iconwherewegofromhere:: "i suggest faded skinny jeans, tank top, old leather jacket, boots, bandana, etc. i found all my stuff around my house"
:bulletblue::iconcassandramalfoy: "Mine's of a cut up head band, t-shirt I'm cutting up stitching together into a unique cut up top shoulder tee, baggy skinny jeans, boots grundge punk style, bright make up, and wrist fingerless cut up gloves with my hair messy"
:bulletblue::iconmileymarthandlinkfan:: "I pretty much went through my closet and said "What would i wear if i was a killjoy?" and I actually found a lot of stuff that fits really well. And works great for me, cause i have virtually no money to spend. But i have a leather jacket, 3 bandanas (its part of my characters personality, she also has 11 pairs of tights) and i already had some goggles i used for another costume (Ramona Flowers) that fit perfectly. It just ended up working out well, and i just keep adding to it."
:bulletblue::iconxx-amberskies:: "If you want leather... well leather anything really, but especially coats check out your local thrift shop (that one's kind of a no-brainer, but I thought I'd mention it again). Not only is it cheap, but also "recycled" leather (I won't buy leather new, and vegan "leather" is out of the question for me because it's so bad for the environment to produce)
Same goes for the combat boots (although I would spend the 5 bucks at wallmart or somewhere similar to buy new insoles for them)."
:bulletblue::iconlonelydays17:: "Thrift shop. That's always a good place to search for jackets, pants and shirts you can modify with a few good sewn in patches."
:bulletblue: I also found one of my favourite Goth sites posted this tutorial from Bizarre magazine on making "Rock'n'Roll T-shirts" which is basically you destroying a t-shirt with tears. I think it would be a great look for Killjoys' shirts. You can't expect a futuristic rebel not to have torn-up clothes, can you?…
:bulletblue::iconSincariaZyphyer:: "Look in small obscure stores that you would otherwise never think to shop in.I found over half of my outfit in small hole-in-the wall places that I had never bothered to look in before. Also, don't judge a store by it's appearance! I found my kickass Killjoy boots in a very feminine ladies boutique, and you would never tell by looking at them. Explore, you never know what you'll find"
:bulletblue::iconCeberusReins:: "I had a lot of old shoelaces for various different reasons. Shoelaces make good as random little accesories for customes."
:bulletblue::iconzombierocker21:: "Thrift stores are your friend. That's where I got my leggings, shirt, my shoes, and my hot pink fish nets.As for the skirt and hat, both are from Hot Topic. XD Also...anyone doing makeup? I have some cool stuff from 'Eyecandy' you can get at like...Walmart or local drug stores. Mine it bright green!!!"
:bulletblue::iconx-shotgun-sinners-x:: "Hey, if you guys are looking for make-up, both LA Colors and Rue Beaute (Rue 21's make-up line) have this amazing bright palette called "Tease" You can find the LA Colors palette at any drugstore--I can get it at Walgreens, CVS, and my local dollar store. It's pretty cheap. The Rue Beaute Tease palette is the same thing, a little more expensive, and you can only get it at Rue21.
The colors: [link] RueBeaute also has really nice glitter eyeshadow, if you're looking for that. I have a neutral palette of ten colors (they're all sparkly shades of brown). I'm also going back to get their bright palette of 10 (also fused with glitter). Now, be careful, because this has A LOT of glitter, and it should be used preeeeetty sparingly. I only use it to give a hint of sparkle--I figure Killjoys should give some shine :D You can find Rue21's line here: [link]Onto my Killjoy:
Mine's super easy. I went for the basic idea of ease of movement.
My Killjoy is technically blue-and-pink, but my raygun is blue-and-orange (I got one at the dollar store for five bucks, super amazing, may I point out). So I give myself some room. Basically, Anserine Ruin wears a black blazer with a light blue tanktop underneath, and black jeans. Pair these with some pretty sick black boots I got as hand-me-downs, and voila."
:bulletblue::iconhihellogoodbye:: "hey ya know if you dont wanna waer boots or cant find any, all black converse shoes work great :D ive had them for a long time and when DD came out they fit the purpose.
i keep it pretty simple cause it will get way to hot here, so i jsut wear, faded gray jeans, all balck shoes, and a red "motorcycle" shirt. its bassically what ive always worn when we;d go shopping or stuff. oh and girls i suggest looking in the boys/men place for some pretty cool looking/old(faded)/punkishshirts/cothing, and find colors that you really wouldnt wear and if your kinda small, get the really small sizes. (i think Killjoy clothing is VERY similar to punk clothing but WAY more colorful :D)and dont make it look perfect, make it look really busted up"
:bulletblue::iconoxdougiesgirlxo:: "Blue Banana has a lot of finger-less gloves (wool, leather, lace, etc) and they're not too expensive"
:bulletblue::icondani-panic:: "If your willing to look through a load of junk there is a couple of gems in charity shops!! I found some awesome combat boots in one (unfortunatly they were the wrong size, so I'm still searching for some XD)I also found a fake leather jacket in ASDA (or Walmart) which was really cheap.As for bandana's, most places do them! The same goes for brightly coloured stockings. For my Killjoy outfit, I have a pair of jeans with holes around the knees, which show my bright tights underneath!"
:bulletblue::iconaddictedtogerardway:: "buy huge sunglasses at a cheap store, and then selotape around the nose bridge to make it look like they broke. plus, if they do break, you can just selotape them back together and it'll look really cool.for bandanas i recommend just cutting up one of your dad's old t-shirts (if he's fat like my dad, or else just find a big bit of material) and sew felt onto it. otherwise you can just get a bit of material from anywhere and make your own, if you don't want to splash out on a proper mask, then there's paper mask templates on the internet (google it) and just make a card one.if you're willing to spend a bit more money, get some diving goggles and paint them in different colours."
:bulletblue::iconfruits-basket-head:: "If you're in the north of England I'd say head towards Manchester and Afflecks Palace [link] they have loads of great stuf!Also Charity shops are defiinately brilliant, especially in a big city.And as for make up, Barry M is definately your friend"
:bulletblue::iconphantom-darkwings: "Well, I tried making some cool new jeans by cutting into an old white pair and dabbing red paint on the rips but it didn't really work with my colour scheme... so I'm just wearing some worn black skinniesThere's a clothes brand out there called "A Fine Mess" which are amazing, I have a T-shirt from them which is dark khaki, but it has comic book sound effects all over it ("Bang!" "Kaboom!""Zooooom!" Wham!" etc) IN GLOW IN THE DARK WRITING!! Its really cool, and I thought it would work with the comic book theme. TK Max is a really good shop where any designer clothes that are out of season or something can be picked up real cheap, and that shirt went from something like 50 pounds to 10!!
As for jackets, I had an old PE Kit bag, it was black, and on one side it said "Love" over and over in purple writing, I don't use it any more so I cut it up, simple as!it only just about covers my shoulder blades, its a short, sleeveless jacket thing, but it looks cool! Its black at the front and sides and It says 'Love' all over the back! I got the bag in tesco for a tennerAccessories wise, i just raided my drawers for cool jewellery, and i made a cool choker out of an old heirloom thing (a little silver heart with a blue gem in it, i put it on a simple black cord) and theres a thing that comes to belfast in winter called the continental market, one of the stalls was all stones and stuff, and my friend got me a yin-yang necklace made of Hawks eye (which is meant to aid psychic intuition, basically regular instincts) and clear quartz which is for basic protection, and a skull and wing necklace made of gunmetal from argento which my aunt got me for xmas.I got franks bandana from mcrs store, theyre pretty cheap tbh, and im debating whether to have it in my hair or to put my hair in high pigtails... btw my hair alternates between red and purpleOh and some purple striped fingerless gloves and a jack skellington ring on my middle finger :) from a little belfast shop called Fresh GarbageShoes, some black ripoff converse higtops with neon paint splatters all over them and some neon laces, i got those in dunnes i think...Annddd... yeah, basically i raided my wardrobe for anything i thought would suit..."
:bulletblue::iconnysolien:: "I have a black mini skirt with metal chains on it from Hot Topic. It was a little pricey, but go to their clearance rack and you can save some major bucks. I put it with a bright tank top and one of my jackets over that. i finish it off with my purple/black plaid Rocket Dog shoes and my hair is worn messy because it looks fine like that and I just don't give a damn because Killjoys are fighting for their lives... lol."
:bulletblue::iconzookimer:: "I support headbands. Not only do they LOOK cool, they keep your hair out of your face in the event you really need to be able to see."
:bulletblue::iconrushi-cola: "ripped skinny jeans are always good.
i had a pair of normal skinny jeans but i fell off my skateboard and flipped down hill which resulted in ripped jeans, but they look really badass now.i hate boots, thats just a personal opinion so my killjoy wears converses."
:bulletblue::iconxxfruit-pastaxx:: "If anyone actually LIVES in London I would suggest you go down peckham (The Primark there is shit though), lewisham, ect., basically any stores that look like they'll be filled with chavs. Trust me, I found some plaid trousers, proper leather boots and some bright t-shirts, it's definitely worth the odd looks."
:bulletblue::iconcarlaisinspired:: "I have this cosmetic bag that I got at H&M in France for about 5 Euros, that's purple, and has lots of pockets and zips, and I sewed on a strap, so that it goes diagonally across my body - the material has this sort of beat-up effect, so I think it's pretty handy to have if you find any treasures while roaming the desert"
:bulletblue::iconcanadian-muffin:: "Occasionally I wear a dark blue, shoulder length wig with side swept bangs and a black head band. Whenever I don't a wig, I straighten my hair and do the side swept bangs with a neon grenn headband. I wear a torn fishnet tanktop over a red tank top and a cropped leather jacket(the kind that reach your waist) with the sleeves pushed up. I wear faded skinny jeans and a studded belt withcombat boots. I have fingerless gloves, a mask, and a bandana to go with it all. One day I'll either post a picture of myself in the outfit or draw it."
:bulletblue::icondair-to-be-me:: "The thrift stores and clearance racks make a lot of sense if you're on a budget. The plus with thrift stores is that the clothing is already broken-in. To make something unique or personalized just visit the craft store, you can get fabric paint, misc. patches/ badges, and other stuff to put on clothing. You can also find all sorts of stuff to make jewelry and other accessories. And the bandanna selection is pretty awesome to."
:bulletblue::iconfellowshipofthenerds:: "I have loads of charity/thrift shops near me so I look there and I also look on ebay. :)
There are loads of online stores like Grindstore, Attitude clothing and more!"

Comment with your own stores/tips/tricks/etc and I'll add them!

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