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"Gerard? Gerarrrrd?"

MSI bassit Lyn-Z shook her husband from his sofa-nap.
"OW OW OW OW!! See I'm having these contractions!!"
Gerard sat bolt upright on their pleather sofa.
"C'mon, whoa I'm so excited! It's really time!!"


"Mommy, Mommy, why you screamin'?"
A little brunette boy tugged at his mother's sleeve.
Donna Lee Way gave her son a wide smile.
"Remember how I told you you're going to get a little brother, and how he will come out at any time?"
Gerard nodded.
"Well he's comin'! He's telling me he wants to come out now.
Now be a good little boy and get in the car. Daddy's gonna drive us!"
Gerard clambered into his carseat and patted his knees excitedly.
"Woohoo! I'm gonna get a little brother and I'll teach him to draw and play kickball, like me!"

And so, the way household made their journey to the hospital to get their bundle of joy that was Mikey.

--------End Flashback----------

"Okay, come on hun, oh it's time, it's timmme!!"
Gerard put a hand out, gentleman-like, helping his huge mass of a wife out.
She dumped herself in a wheelchair Gerard had trouble pushing,
until a nurse helped and brought Lindsey into a private room.
She screamed in pain as the contractions worsened and she was helped into a hospital bed. A half-an-hour later, she was dilated and had to begin pushing.
Having held her hand through the contractions, Gerard braced himself
to get his hand squeezed very hard!
"OH CRAP" Was repeated by both Ways.
The doctor looked up at Gerard.
"D'you want to see the head?" He queried.
Gerard shrugged and gave Lindsey's hand a quick squeeze, and telling her he would be right back.
He had never been great with blood or injections, nothing like that.

He peeked a look, went pale in the face and felt numb. He went back to his spouse.
She was distressed. "I'm here...." He said, barely whispering.

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June 29, 2009
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