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Art and Resources

Art Collections

Official Concept Art

Abstract and Surreal | Black-and-White Portraits | Cosplay | Comics | Crafts | Photography | Photomanips | Pixel Art

Band Families | BLind | Dark Art | Every Snowflake is Different | Frank and Gerard | Gerard's Twitter Icon | SING it for Japan | The Black Parade | Way Brothers

Fabulous Killjoys | Killjoy OCs | Show Pony, Grace, and Dr. D

Art Features

Gerard: A Life in Quotes
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Visual Poetry
MCR song lyrics paired with photographs from around DA.

Songs Paired with Photography
Re: Stacks by Bon Iver | Baleen Morning by Balmorhea

Genre Features
Traditional Paintings | Traditional MCR paintings | Found Poetry | Sci-Fi/Dystopia | Traditional Portraits


Click here to play the text-based MCR Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Plz accounts:
Gerard and Mikey | Frank, Ray, and Bob | Slash, BL/ind, Other, Group, and Stamps

50x50 dA Icons:
Gerard & Mikey | Frank, Ray, Bob & Group 

MCR-related Art Resources:
Arts and Crafts | Brushes | Photos and PSDs | Stock Photos | Text PNGs | Fonts | Templates | Journal Skins | Stamps | Miscellaneous

dA Custom Boxes

Killjoy Resources:
Fashion Advice | OC Writing Meme | Killjoy Name Maker | Writing Prompts

Group Activities

Found Poetry | Gerard's Twitter Icon | Movie Posters

2012: September | October | November | December
2013: February (Classic rock) | April (Spring)

After the playlists, I switched to Music Discovery (a variety of different songs from the rock, alternative rock, and indie genres):
2013: October | November | December
2014: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December
You can find a masterpost of all the Music Discovery songs (without links) here.

Great Fan Covers
A playlist of some of the best MCR fan covers on Youtube. Many are geniunely powerful and moving.

We also made a "musical" of songs from a variety of different bands, arranged so that they tell MCR's story.

These were posted a few years ago, so please excuse the stupid comments my 16-year-old self made :paranoid:

Random photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Gerard's Weirdest Makeovers | Mikey's Weirdest Expressions | The Way Bros Highlight Reel | Gerard's Best Dance Moves | The Cream of the Crop. | IT'S TIME TO ROCK
Short Youtube videos: The Gerard Way Short Film Festival


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LanaViva | ribkaDory | Down-A-Rabbit-Hole | turbulentoast | FallenSpades | Hootsweet | suisou | nezumi-zumi | saramondo | Maru-Light | Szikee | XOBillie | ohtigerlily | lizziedeviant | tbdoll | tattiOsala | Mooching-Leech | Kaisel | terpsichoreanpwrs | vachuu | KilljoyAtHeart | hisironicprincess

Tumblr artists:
princebelial | tayrorosaurus | stained-red | tennyboo

Other interviews:
KatyChemical (MCRmy Boston owner)
KalaxXx (former MCR band tech)
Cynthia Lee (mychemicalcollective owner)
Anna (band photographer)

Bands/musicians: Part 1 | Part 2

Click here to read the interview with toad1 (this group's admin) at The Webways.

BL/ind roleplay characters:
Thomas Xavier | Guinevere | Hall | Stuart | Arthur Hargreaves | Agent Cherri Cola | Konea | Rayne |
Peter Sullivan | Korse

Discussions and Articles

MCR's legacy | My Chemical Bromance | Regret? | Internet and celebrities | Do we want our idols to be perfect? | Selling out | New music | Fandom role models | MCR dreams | Forgiveness vs.accountability | "I Lied" lyrics | Is fan fiction a tool or crutch? | Sexuality in the Killjoy comic

Posts from roleplay accounts:
:bulletgreen: A Fab-Seeker's Guide to Fab by XoXoPartyPoison
:bulletpink: An Easter Greeting by Dracushit
:bulletyellow: Heeeyya, Motorbabes. by XoXoPartyPoison
:bulletblue: Happy Easter from Dracland by Dracushit

:bulletpurple: How to Roleplay in the dA Dangerverse by toad1
Instructions on joining, information on the universe, and advice on what to do and what NOT to do.

:bulletorange: Respect in roleplays by toad1
An article about the rules of roleplay etiquette beyond the usual rules that everyone knows.

:bulletyellow: Tips on writing BL/ind and double agent OCs by toad1
Lots of advice on creating BL/ind, Battery City, and double agent OCs.

:bulletpink: 31 MCR-Related Journal Entries by toad1
A month of MCR-related writing prompts, both fiction and nonfiction, to get you thinking and help you improve your skills.

:bulletblue: Writing Effective OC/Canon by toad1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tips on writing effective OC/canon romance fanfiction.

:bulletyellow: Just a few things about Killjoys by hisironicprincess
A writer who actually lives in California gives plenty of advice on making your Killjoy art/fanfiction/OCs realistic.

:bulletred: Tips on Recognizing Smudged/Traced Art + Commonly Stolen Fanart by toad1
Several tips on recognizing fake or traced drawings, examples of fake art, and commonly stolen fanart that you should keep an eye out for.

:bulletyellow: Copying art, and why it's bad by toad1
Why you shouldn't copy oher people's art and claim it as your own.

:bulletgreen: Music and Visual Art by toad1
Talented fanartists share a drawing and a song that not only goes along with the artwork but adds something to it.

:bulletpink: Some advice on tweeting the MCR guys by toad1
Tips on being polite and respectful when sending them tweets (which increases your chances of getting a reply.)

:bulletblue: Legal Free Music by toad1
Legal sources of free music around the web, some that you might not have heard of.

:bulletpurple: Stalking vs. Normal Fan Behavior by Queen-Lolita
An open discussion on fans and their levels of respect toward the band.

:bulletyellow: Summer Reading by MCRdeviantClub members
Books and graphic novels recommended by the group.

:bulletgreen: A Guide to Gerard or FrnkIero Gigs by Raven052
A detailed article with advice on every aspect of attending their shows. Also good for concerts in general.


Christmas in the Zones
A group Killjoy fanfic
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 (2012)

A Killjoy Christmas Poem (2013)

Recent Journal Entries


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I am unsure of who else to go to-to ask this, but I am starting up my own Killjoy roleplay group! I was wondering how I would find people to join? I know not a lot of people understand/know of the D.D. universe sadly. :(
I would start a chatroom, but no one would join.
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