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Putting the sass in assassin

Group hug

Welcome to MCRdeviantClub, your source for fan art, news, articles, artist interviews, and community projects.

Please follow us on Tumblr for more great MCR content.

And check out the Deviant Meets page, where I'm recording all information on the guys' new music and solo projects. (I know the Deviant Meets page is a weird place to put it, but dA groups don't have many options, unfortunately.)

Gerard welcomes you

Artwork Features
Gerard: A Life in Quotes
Famous Gerard quotes paired with beautiful fan art.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Visual Poetry
MCR song lyrics paired with photographs from around DA.

Songs Paired with Photography
Re: Stacks by Bon Iver | Baleen Morning by Balmorhea

Genre Features
Some of the beautiful, unique, and hard-to-find art on dA.
Traditional Paintings | Traditional MCR paintings | Found Poetry | Sci-Fi Dystopia | Traditional Portraits

Choose Your Own Adventure Game

50x50 DA Icons
MCR-related Resources

Killjoy Directory
Join the Wiki and add a page for your own Killjoy!
These are available as Youtube and Spotify playlists (links in the individual blog posts.)

2012: September | October | November | December
2013: February (Classic rock) | April (Spring)

After the playlists, I switched to Music Discovery (a variety of different songs from the rock, alternative rock, and indie genres):
2013: October | November | December
2014: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December
You can find a masterpost of all the Music Discovery songs (without links) here.

Great Fan Covers
A playlist of some of the best MCR fan covers on Youtube. Many are geniunely powerful and moving.

I also did a "musical" of songs from a variety of different bands, arranged so that they tell MCR's story.
These were posted a few years ago, so please excuse the stupid comments my 16-year-old self made :paranoid:

Random photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Gerard's Weirdest Makeovers | Mikey's Weirdest Expressions | The Way Bros Highlight Reel | Gerard's Best Dance Moves | The Cream of the Crop. | IT'S TIME TO ROCK
Short Youtube videos: The Gerard Way Short Film Festival


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Page Credits

Floral images and backgrounds from masterjinn. Design/edits by toad1. Photos from around the web.

Hello friends

If you need to talk about the break-up, other MCR issues, or anything else, please click here to see all group members that are available to talk. Don't be shy, we want to help you!
deviantART Artists:
LanaViva | ribkaDory | Down-A-Rabbit-Hole | turbulentoast | FallenSpades | Hootsweet | suisou | nezumi-zumi | saramondo | Maru-Light | Szikee | XOBillie | ohtigerlily | lizziedeviant | tbdoll | tattiOsala | Mooching-Leech | Kaisel | terpsichoreanpwrs | vachuu | KilljoyAtHeart | hisironicprincess

Tumblr artists: princebelial | tayrorosaurus | stained-red | tennyboo

Other interviews:
KatyChemical (MCRmy Boston owner)
KalaxXx (former MCR band tech)
Cynthia Lee (mychemicalcollective owner)

Bands/musicians: Part One | Part Two

Click here to read the interview with toad1 (this group's admin) at The Webways.

Interviews with well-developed BL/ind OCs/canons:
Thomas Xavier | Guinevere | Hall | Stuart | Arthur Hargreaves | Agent Cherri Cola | Konea | Rayne |
Peter Sullivan | Korse

:bulletyellow: Discussion posts:
MCR-related articles with questions at the end to stimulate discussion. Feel free to read and reply, no matter how old the post is. I (toad1) read all the posts, even if I don't respond.

MCR's legacy | My Chemical Bromance | Regret? | Internet and celebrities | Do we want our idols to be perfect? | Selling out | New music | Fandom role models | MCR dreams | Forgiveness vs.accountability | "I Lied" lyrics | Is fan fiction a tool or crutch? | Sexuality in the Killjoy comic

Posts from roleplay accounts:
:bulletgreen: A Fab-Seeker's Guide to Fab by XoXoPartyPoison
:bulletpink: An Easter Greeting by Dracushit
:bulletyellow: Heeeyya, Motorbabes. by XoXoPartyPoison
:bulletblue: Happy Easter from Dracland by Dracushit

:bulletpurple: How to Roleplay in the dA Dangerverse by toad1
Instructions on joining, information on the universe, and advice on what to do and what NOT to do.

:bulletorange: Respect in roleplays by toad1
An article about the rules of roleplay etiquette beyond the usual rules that everyone knows.<

:bulletyellow: Tips on writing BL/ind and double agent OCs by toad1
Lots of advice on creating BL/ind, Battery City, and double agent OCs.

:bulletpink: 31 MCR-Related Journal Entries by toad1
A month of MCR-related writing prompts, both fiction and nonfiction, to get you thinking and help you improve your skills.

:bulletblue: Writing Effective OC/Canon by toad1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tips on writing effective OC/canon romance fanfiction.

:bulletyellow: Just a few things about Killjoys by hisironicprincess
A writer who actually lives in California gives plenty of advice on making your Killjoy art/fanfiction/OCs realistic.

:bulletred: Tips on Recognizing Smudged/Traced Art + Commonly Stolen Fanart by toad1
Several tips on recognizing fake or traced drawings, examples of fake art, and commonly stolen fanart that you should keep an eye out for.

:bulletyellow: Copying art, and why it's bad by toad1
Why you shouldn't copy oher people's art and claim it as your own.

:bulletgreen: Music and Visual Art by toad1
Talented fanartists share a drawing and a song that not only goes along with the artwork but adds something to it.

:bulletpink: Some advice on tweeting the MCR guys by toad1
Tips on being polite and respectful when sending them tweets (which increases your chances of getting a reply.)

:bulletblue: Legal Free Music by toad1
Legal sources of free music around the web, some that you might not have heard of.

:bulletpurple: Stalking vs. Normal Fan Behavior by Queen-Lolita
An open discussion on fans and their levels of respect toward the band.

:bulletyellow: Summer Reading by MCRdeviantClub members
Books and graphic novels recommended by the group.

Recent Journal Entries


If you need to contact the group, share news, or anything else, either send a note or comment here. Please do not post advertisements in the comments below.

Please do NOT ask us to advertise anything for you. We do not post ads in ths group.


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